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Everyone can pray. Everybody should pray. Even the unholy, when they heartfully approach the throne of God with a contrite heart, their prayers can be heard.

From the beginning, every one of us is a sinner. We’re all like a dry seed, dead, planted on a soil which grows as a plant or tree now giving its own fruits. Like the dead seed, lifeless we’re all unholy, yet in our prayer or somebody’s prayer, God answered.

So, we can say, God answers to the prayers of the unholy, how much more to the holy, to the righteous? He said in His Words, the prayer of the righteous availeth much.

Prayer requires Holiness of the one praying. Holiness is a necessity. It is needed if the one praying wants the ears of God. Holiness speaks of purity. Not of the outside clothing but purity of the heart.

The one praying must be clean of pride. Humbleness must saturate his heart and motives. His prayer chamber must be filled and sends an aroma of being hungry in the spirit of the Lord. Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven.

The poor in spirit is like a child who wants something to his father. An eagerly awaiting son for his father’s return from a day’s work outside their house. The face and excitement of the child, it gives joy to the returning father. It vanishes all the tiring labors of his day.

We could not be holy to the fullest standard God required. Only Lord Jesus was able to do that.

Being poor in spirit reaches the ears of the Almighty God. It touches His heart. The touch of the Father to the praying child comes. The hand of the Father moves to give much more than the desires of the praying humble expectant child.

Holiness speaks cleanliness of the heart. Being clean at the heart is purity of the soul. It is a man being free of the charge of evil. It is abiding by the full extent of the law. May it be law from God or from society.

Being free from the law is following its decree, we cannot negate that because it’s synonymous to Holiness. Though we are saved by grace, the law requires us to be Holy.

The purity of the soul is being motivated by genuine agape love from God. It is the love that prays for the salvation of the enemy. Not just one soul, but all the soul that the praying man could reach.

Holiness is not a product created by man. Man cannot produce even slightest Holiness because he is depraved of it. Totally alienated from God because of sin. How can Holiness come out of him?

The goal of prayer is the action of God. The moving hands of God which act depending on the asking heart of the praying man. When God moves, comes all His attributes. Be prepared, for it will be abundantly bestowed first upon the praying man.

On top of the seeking heart’s petitions, requests, supplications, intercessions, pleading, material or immaterial comes the power to resist temptations. To volitionally do Holiness is an anointing from the Father. The praying saints are overflowed by the convicting power from God. It is sent to his heart. The will to resist every form of temptations that will become sins is vanished in His presence.

It is important to resist temptations, for to give-in results in sins. Which will hinder the next encounter of the praying saints to the Father.

It is the praying heart first who receives the answer. He will be blessed bountifully. He will be prepared for his next prayer. He will be given the required anointing. One, it’s Holiness. Holiness requires power to resist all the devil’s temptations. Two, it’s power to overcome the evil desires of his own flesh, resisting temptations.

It’s nonsense to pray without Holiness. However intense the encounter maybe, it will produce no fruits. Because God is Holy. Holiness is a top of the line requirement to every praying saint.

Holiness in all its form is received from the Father in every encounter. Freedom from sin, pride, boredom, evil thoughts, recurring sins, lust, murmur, greed and any other likes of those needs power to overcome. It is God thru the enabling power of the Holy Spirit, the praying saints received the anointing power to resist them.

After many years of great mercy, after tasting of the powers of the world to come, we still are so weak, so foolish; but, oh! when we get away from self to God, there all is truth and purity and holiness, and our heart finds peace, wisdom, completeness, delight, joy, victory.

Charles Spurgeon

So, prayer not only gives what the prayerful asks, but he is also enabled to fight the dominion of demons. Thru prayer Holiness comes because true prayer requires Holiness.

You want your prayers answered? Be holy. Do you want to be holy? Pray.

We could not be holy to the fullest standard God required. Only Lord Jesus was able to do that. But He knows how we do our best to resist the temptations we encounter every day.

Resist the devil and he will flee from you. It’s our duty to resist the devil. It is God’s anointing bestowed upon us to empower us to resist all the works of the enemy.

It is thru the enabling power of the Holy Spirit we find the strength to overcome temptations. And we shall receive power from on High.

This power that comes from God is sufficient for us. It is received thru prayer. An encounter with the Creator. His enabling presence is enough to empower the praying saints to live a holy life.

A holy life that is pleasing, a sweet act of worship to the Father. It is a life in the world but does not conform to the pattern of this World.

Holiness is the purity of the whole being, man, soul, and mind move in one accord. It is purity in action. It is living in accordance with the willful obedience to the Father. Heaven is the standard of living, though we may still come short.

Holiness is giving time to God instead of spending it on worthless habits. Social media, online games, streaming videos, beautiful photos are all subtle toys of satan. If anyone does not know how to properly use them, it is a tool against the holiness of man.

Holiness prays. Praying is holiness. It is spending time with the Father instead of self-indulgence.

At night, every night, holiness is giving up time watching television to reading the bible. Not limited to just one verse, not a chapter, not enclosed to one book but as the Holy Spirit leads.

Every daily encounter must be rich in grace and bible reading. The ministry of the Word for the praying saint must grow, the natural outcome is to grow if the true desire is to know God.

Starts in prayer, then reading, then meditating or extracting all the spiritual juice of the texts. Then comes life applications, the spiritual learning becomes a direction of daily living, the written Word becomes alive. The believer becomes a living testimony of Jesus, following with all humble heart what he has read, learned.

Holiness is reading the Word of God two inches deep. The disciple does not stop to just learning from the master. The true disciple aims to teach others like his master.

Holiness is discipling others who would want to be disciples for the glory of God. It’s transference of what the praying saint has received from God going to other believers. It’s making others a disciple also.

Cleanliness is holiness. The purity of the heart made manifest on the outside. It’s sweeping the floor, doing the laundry, washing the dishes, flushing the toilet, mopping the tiles, washing the car and all about cleaning everything in the house.

When holiness is achieved by conforming to God’s will, one knows intuitively that which is wrong and that which is right before the Lord. Holiness speaks when there is silence, encouraging that which is good or reproving that which is wrong.

James E. Faust

Cleanliness is presenting the self-tidy. Combed hair, well-ironed clothes, clean shoes, polished nails, freshly looking face are all part of the ministry.

It changes on the inside generated by the overcoming touch of His presence, emanating outside of the person.

Out of the abundance of the heart, our mouth speaks. What infills our heart, our actions affected. When the heart is happy, the body reactions are happy, everything becomes like a flower blooming. When the heart is lonely, the body reactions unhappy. When the heart is clean and pure, holy, the natural reactions are to keep everything tidy. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Cleanliness is Holiness.

Avoiding garbage talk is holiness. Let no one speak unrighteousness says the Lord. Holiness is completely vanishing lies. Avoiding dirty jokes by not saying it and wholly not being connected with any form of it. The praying saint could not be entertained by it for it is unholy. It makes the tongue unclean. The same tongue we use to pray and worship.

Avoiding trash talk in all its fullness is removing blasphemous words, anger, cursing or filthy words, gossip and slanderous talks. They are poisonous and against the holiness of God. Therefore, all of them and the likes of them must be avoided much more totally erased from the saint’s vocabulary.

Holiness is influencing peers about living with fear of the creator.

A life energized to live heavenly in the midst of earthly and fleshly echoes. Living this lifestyle with holiness does not mean being alone and lonely, it’s more than happiness also.

An anointed holy life is unexplainable, with joy and gladness that supersedes human thoughts. Everyday needs, even trials may arise, but the inner peace is within reach.

Those saints bestowed with holy life does not get happiness in common pleasures. Their pleasure is to give abundantly to others. Their happiness is to share the Gospel even it may mean a loss in their possessions.

They’re eyes, and motive set high above what eyes could not see. They have eternal savings which could not rot.

Holiness overpowering an individual is more than a blessing. It is setting widely open eyes on the blank blue sky when faced with a beautiful lustful view. Holiness is choosing to closed eyes in front of alluring temptations of the flesh.

It’s fighting the urge to succumb in the ever-tempting evil affection to opposite sex. It is choosing to bow down and hid your face to overcome the prepared delicious temptations of the enemy.

Holiness is being honest and truthful in the covenant with the Almighty. It is following the vow committed until it is finished with no deductions whatsoever. Holiness is following even the slightest instructions the praying man received.

Holiness is giving all the praises and glory to God. It’s treating the self-much lower than filthy rags. No name, no accomplishment, none everything, just giving the best to serve the one and only master.

All the time, Holiness is filling the thoughts with the heavenlies. Whatever is pure, lovely, noble, right, admirable, excellent and trustworthy it must fill the thought of the praying saints, a product of being holy.

To obey is to be holy. To submit is to be holy. The true meaning of submission to authority is to obey those in position even if we do not want to obey them. If the command is not to sin. The praying saint understands that every authority under heaven is instituted by God.

Holiness is grand to fight for. It is not easy becoming holy. It would require endless passion, continuous battle that needs to be victorious. One slight mistake could mark a blemish. Thus, making the individual unholy.

Being holy when continuously victorious on the person is continuously attacked by satan. All the demons want to derail it, slowly, subtly.

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